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My Aubergine Fox Collection & Wishlist

For a long time I have been a big fan of Aubergine Fox on etsy. They sell druzy jewelry and quirky stationary and I quite literally love everything they create, I thought I'd give you a quick look at some of the things I have bought previously and what is on my wishlist for next payday... (P.s it's my birthday in April, so if any of my real life friends/fam don't know what to get me, then keep reading *wink wink*)


Chocolate Mountain Cupcakes w/ Chocolate and Toffee Buttercream

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you will have already seen these cupcakes. I have not done a baking post in a long time so I thought I'd do a quick recipe post for you guys today. The best thing about these cupcakes is they don't need to look perfect and tidy, you can just stick as much chocolate on as you want and it is still going to look amazing. These would be perfect for people who are crazy for chocolate, read on if you want to know the recipe.. or if you just want to see more pictures then scroll right to the bottom :)

Ingredients for Cupcakes

  • 4oz Butter
  • 4oz Caster Sugar
  • 2 Eggs
  • 2 Tablespoons of Cocoa Powder
  • 5oz Self Raising Flour
  • Vanilla Paste (or essence) 
  • 1 Tablespoon of milk



Mothers Day Gift Guide - Gifts For Grandmas

Not everyone has a Mum to celebrate on mothers day, unfortunately I am one of those people but I do have someone equally as important and that is my Grandma, ever since I got my job I have made it a tradition to buy my grandma a card and flowers on mothers day because tbh for the most part of my life she has been the mother figure for me.

This year I want to step away from the norm and buy her a little something different so I thought I'd do a little gift guide of some of the things I have found online that I think would be perfect for grannies on mothers day. (to be quite honest you could buy some of these for your mums as well)

Retro Sweets Hamper £66.77. I kinda want this for my birthday, this is perfect for your grannies with a sweet tooth. 

3 Map Location £85. This can be personalized so you can request what locations you want in your frame, This would also be the perfect gift for people who love to travel. 

Hot Chocolate And Wooden Spoon £2.50. Again for the Grannies with a sweet tooth. I have fond memories of drinking my Grandmas hot chocolate and she was the only person who could make them properly if I, or my granddad tried to make them there would be loads of powderry lumps in the mug, but she was the queen of making hot chocolates. 

Floral China Candle £12. No gift guide for mothers day would be complete without a candle, am I right? 

Floral Gardening Set £15. I actually chose this because my great-grandma used to garden all the time and I'm sure if she was still able to garden she would have loved these 

Personalized Gem Spinning Ring £129.  (Yes I know, it's expensive.) You can choose which gem you want and then you can have a message of your choice engraved on the inside. 

Engraved Square Jewelry Box £16.99. I chose this to go with the engraved ring. But even if you buy it separately to put a different type of jewelry in its still a cute gift because again you can have the box engraved with your own special message 

Personalized Wooden Spoon £16.99. Even I want one of these..

What are you getting your mums/grandmas for Mothers Day
(It's March 6th)


My Top 5 Pet Instagrams

If you haven't already heard, I love animals and If you also haven't heard I love Instagram. So when I discovered the joy that is Instagrams dedicated to pets I went a little cray and followed a billion jillion petsagrams.

Now previously I did a post similar to this but it was my top baking Instagrams (and as you know I love baking) So if you want to see that post then click here.

So here is my current top 5 pet Instagrams

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